Iraq Petroleum Holding Company

  • Registered in The Bahamas and privately held by Iraqi stakeholders
  • The Holding Company for our oil and oil products marketing business as well as possessing the Production Sharing Agreement for our operations
  • Focused on Southern Iraq production portfolio of assets deemed non economic by the large independent multinational oil companies

Iraq Petroleum Marketing Company

  • Marketing SOMO barrels through a JV with international partners
  • Importation of oil products sourced internationally 
  • Exchanges of export crude oil cargoes for oil product import cargoes

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success."​





Vision & Strategy:

Our strategy is to use our international oil marketing expertise to deliver immediate value for our stakeholders and to build upon this business model developing into a stable oil production company. Through innovation and creativity in business, we leverage our local connections attracting international partners to ensure a collective high quality delivery. 

Our Company At a Glance:

Iraq Petroleum Holding Company Limited (IPHC) is a privately held, Bahamian registered, upstream oil and gas group of companies. Founded by Iraqi and international executives, with an extensive track record and market insight in both physical and financial oil markets. Our  experience in the physical oil markets, international finance and oil logistics, together with substantive local ties to the Iraqi community, provide us with a competitive advantage. 

  • Creating a sustainable energy franchise in international oil marketing of Iraq crude oil production as well as the import of oil products through our wholly owned Iraq Petroleum Marketing Company (IPMC) subsidairy.
  • IPHC, the parent company, focuses on delivering production assets through a joint venture production sharing agreement with national entities in Iraq. 
  • Ultimate goals are to develop local talent, provide training within Iraq and list on the Iraq stock exchange giving financial access to Iraq's oil wealth to holders of our stock. 
  • Creates strategic alliances with local government
  • Develop training programs that encourage Iraqi nationals into the oil business