A Look to Our Future

Our focus is in Southern Iraq working with national government entities to create value around upstream assets. We believe a mid-size, nimble production company can achieve high end results by employing techniques used in other oil producing regions. 

Our focus is to use our established marketing franchise as a sound business model to promote a joint profit sharing agreement driving towards an initial production target of 30,000 boed (barrels of oil equivalent per day). This is achievable by redeveloping smaller production assets under employed by the majors. 

By building a leading indigenous Iraqi oil and gas exploration and production company using international standards for banking, contracting locally with a legal framework, we aim to deliver quickly and efficiently. All with an ultimate view to list on the Baghdad Stock Exchange. 

This is a true vision of value creation that has long lasting benefits to the Iraqi people through share ownership promotion.

Key Benefits

By working with IPHC, you benefit from:

  • International  Senior Exploration & Production executives with an extensive track record
  • Market insight with both local and international focus
  • Experience in physical oil markets, international finance and oil logistics
  • Sufficient local ties to the Iraqi community
  • PSA in place within the local market
  • A community program focus that encourages education of promising youths in the country by honing their skills in a custom development program aimed at creating sustainable careers for Iraqis within the oil and gas sector. 

About Us

  • IPHC & IPMC are privately held Bahamian registered companies, substantially owned and controlled by Iraqi's
  • IPMC is active in marketing crude oil exports from the Southern Iraq ports of Basrah, Khor AL-Amaya and Ceyhan.
  • IPMC has established relationships within the international oil community including refineries, oil traders and various interested parties.
  • Satisfaction of local consumption needs by importing cargoes of Gasoline, Gasoil, Kersosene and LPG
  • Working with SOMO and other state agencies to deliver safe, stable and reliable oil marketing services.
  • Through a joint venture approach that delivers value to all parties, we are working on a sustainable PSA model with local government. Driving towards the foundation of an Iraqi owned and controlled international crude oil exploration and development company.