Corporate Responsibility

IPHC believes that our presence in the region must be earned through behavior that does not compromise the well being of current or future generations. This responsible approach is a key factor of our long-term business success. For IPHC this means:

  • Acting with respect for people, local communities and the environment
  • Acting transparently with all stakeholders involved in full respect of the rule of law and human rights​
  • ​Contributing to the development goals and value creation objectives of host countries
  • Creating training programs for promising students honing their skills and directing them towards a successful career in oil and gas
  • ​Incorporating to the principles of sustainable development and corporate responsibility into our business strategy, planning, decision-making and operating management systems
  • ​Ensuring our performance positively impact ethics, human rights, employees, health and safety, environment and communities in our working environment

Sustainable development is a basic human right, without which other human rights cannot be secured or flourish. It is our intention to make a positive impact by contributing to development in the communities and countries where we operate. Our investment is increasingly focused on outreach programs that contribute to local education and have the capacity to deliver lasting social, economic and environmental returns for both local communities and host governments.